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Women for Amanda

Women For Amanda is a grassroots movement with the purpose of mobilizing Houston women to support the election of Amanda Edwards, as well as to empower Houston women with the tools to utilize their influence to make a difference in the city, amplify their voices regarding the issues that matter to them and their families and, contribute to the solutions of those issues through effective action, resulting in a Houston where everyone has an opportunity to thrive.

The Mission

At a time where the city of Houston is facing some of its biggest challenges, it is important to have a bold, innovative, inclusive, forward-thinking, and solutions-oriented leader, who is committed to empowering the residents of Houston with the opportunities and resources they need to thrive. 

Amanda Edwards has and will continue to empower women with the tools to achieve the outcomes that they deserve. Each woman's voice and actions matter, and when combined, lasting positive change results in our city. Women for Amanda not only helps to spread the message and increase the support of Amanda’s campaign, but it also empowers women to be part of the change they would like to see. 

Women for Amanda means women for us!

“Now is the time for women in our Houston community to be part of a renaissance in which they are empowered to realize their boldest dreams for themselves and for their communities.”

Amanda Edwards

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