​Improving Infrastructure and Transportation

Our city's aging infrastructure and worsening traffic present major problems for Houstonians on a daily basis. We must do better. That means:

  • Improving road and drainage maintenance citywide. Projects need to be better prioritized and completed faster.
  • Making Rebuild Houston more transparent. Millions of taxpayer dollars have been collected; we need to ensure they are being effectively spent.
  • Expanding transit options. We must continue to work with METRO to deliver coherent, efficient transit options that better connect Houstonians with employment centers, and visitors with our urban centers and airports

Strengthening Our Economy and Fiscal Health

Houston's economy has rebounded well from the economic downturn, but many Houstonians are still struggling. We can do more to expand opportunity, including:

  • Supporting and Attracting Businesses, Big and Small. By enticing large businesses to relocate to Houston and growing small businesses here at home, we can grow our tax base and relieve pressure on the city budget.
  • Facing fiscal challenges. Our growing city and greater demand for city services are on a collision course with increasingly limited resources. We must take a comprehensive approach to revenue and spending that will deliver services to all Houstonians today and for decades to come. 
  • Developing our workforce. By partnering with our educational institutions to train tomorrow's workforce and improve today's workforce as well, we can break down barriers to success for many Houstonians.
  • Growing conventions and tourism. Houston is adding amenities and new hotel rooms every day. We must leverage those improvements to attract new visitors, which creates jobs and grows our citywide tax base.

Protecting Public Safety

There is no greater priority than keeping our neighborhoods safe. On City Council, I will support:

  • Properly equipping and training first responders.  We need to make sure departments have the tools and training they need to protect the public and maintain confidence and trust.
  • Ensuring adequate resources. With revenue caps taking effect in 2015, we must insulate public safety from draconian budget cuts.
  • Promoting community policing. Fostering open communication between law enforcement and residents should be encouraged to lower crime and maintain trust.

Enhancing Quality of Life

Houston is a great place to live, and we can make it even more livable for all Houstonians. That means:

  • Promoting safe, walkable neighborhoods. All neighborhoods should be centers of activity and interaction that serve the needs of residents. We should coordinate and ensure public safety and community conveniences are in place that meet residents’ needs.
  • Maintaining and adding parks and green space. Houston has made wonderful additions of parks and green space in recent years. We should ensure that Houstonians in all areas of the city enjoy access to safe green space and parks that promote health and wellness.
  • Fulfilling the Bayou Greenways Initiative. Houstonians voted for a plan to connect our bayous for cycling, running and walking by 2020. We must keep working so that all Houstonians have access to the greenways and trails that enhance quality of life.

Amanda's Plan